When your beloved pet decides to go on a little adventure up a tree but can't figure out how to get down,James will be more than happy to come to the rescue. 


Phone emergency tree jobs, phone any time for immediate assistance.

You should be able to reach us on one of this numbers:

0266779482 - 0431382681 - 0423265020.


When the tree doesn't necessarily need to be removed but just reduced or problem branches removed. 


 Very often a tree has to be taken down and lowered piece by piece, using ropes and rigging. We have lots of experience in doing this safely and carefully, and all the necessary equipment. 


Sometimes a tree can be felled with little or no previous trimming. Each tree has to be assessed on its merits. We are able to make this assessment and to fell safely and accurately. On most occasions we use ropes for added security.


We own a three ton Chipper and truck, and have a good team of strong capable workers. Therefore, we are well equipped for efficient removal of all timber and branches.